Cal Bauer

Cal Bauer


- Back Squat: 500

- Deadlift: 600

- Snatch: 275

- Mile Time: 5:26

- Undisputed Mario Kart World Champion


CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

Degree in Movement Science from University of Michigan's School of Kinesiology

About Coach

Michigan born and raised. Attended Chelsea High School and participated avidly in Football, Wrestling, Track, Lacrosse, and Orchestra. U of M Grad, husband to Amber Bauer, father to our dogs Buddy, Bailey, and oh yeah, our newly added daughter Blakely Bauer!

Turning Point

After graduating from U of M, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to begin a career as a Surgical Neurophysiologist. Moving to a new place without a community, I felt alone and still had the athletic drive that I had as a former athlete. After a chance meeting with a Reebok photographer, I went to Reebok headquarters for 16.1 and was hooked. After that, I began attending CrossFit ONE Nation in Needham, MA, and saw firsthand the good a community centered on health & wellness could do for people. I found that the positive impact I could provide revolved around helping people become better versions of themselves - from the inside out. After moving to Charleston, South Carolina (so that Amber could become a Physical Therapist, check out Rebuilt Movement & Rehab!) I managed Pale Horse CrossFit from 2017-2020, before deciding to move back home with the dream of opening a gym to help awesome people reach their full potential!

Motivation & Passion

I've been in the gym with my family for as long as I can remember. I know how much it has shaped me to be who I am and what a healthy lifestyle can do for others. My motivation is to create as much positive change in the world as I possibly can; and this is the best way that I know, to do just that!

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