Amber Bauer

Amber Bauer

Coach, Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor

Deadlift 210#s at 5 months postpartum

Birthed a human

Back Squat PR 225#

Have run a marathon


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Crossfit Level 1 (Online)

200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor

About Coach

I have been in sports since I was a little kid but found the fun in fitness because of my high school Strength and Conditioning class. During a long rehab process back to sports after an ACL tear, I figured out I wanted to be a physical therapist. In college, I ran some races while continuing to strength train. Long story short, I found CrossFit while in PT school and decided not only did I love it, but my PT world and CF world should absolutely morph into a fitness-forward career. Now I coach CrossFit, teach yoga, and rehab other athletes (as well as pregnant and postpartum women trying to stay movin') and absolutely love it.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I love to not only coach but REALLY love to coach people and see the changes they make and the ways they push themselves, watch movements finally click, and celebrate new skills and goals reached - it's just FUN!

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