The Best Recovery Tool

Prioritize sleep & nutrition for recovery over trendy gadgets and supplements. Master the basics before exploring additional recovery tools.
Cal Bauer
March 22, 2024
The Best Recovery Tool

Post-workout shakes, gatorade, nuun tablets, foam rolling, percussive therapy, creatine, cold showers, deep-tissue massage, float tank, normatec boots, whoop band, apple watch breathing, juice cleans, antioxidant drinks, compression clothing... what the heck is going on!?

The ocean of recovery is an extremely difficult one to navigate! A lot of celebrities and companies telling you a million different things that you SHOULD be doing because why wouldn't your joints feel better wearing this sleeve that has bits of copper in it? I mean, doesn't this 51 year old Brett Favre look so good throwing the football in his backyard in these!? (No. No he does not.)

The recovery product industry is worth billions and billions and billions of dollars. So they spend a lot of money to try and tell you why and how you would need to let these boots squeeze your legs for 45 min a night. And, to be fair, some of these things actually do work! They can help you to recover faster, keep you more hydrated, and help you feel better. But for most people this is not where they need to start.

The two most important things for the human body are, by a landslide, sleep and nutrition.

If these two factors aren't a priority, then doing anything beyond that is like throwing a brand new spoiler on a rusty '92 Skyline. Sure, it can help make it faster, but a well kept engine and solid tires will do so much more. Don't worry about all the extra things you can be doing until you have the foundations down.

So what are the foundations?

This is how your body was designed to recover, and it's really, really good at it. Once you have the solid foundation, then you can worry about slipping into those normatec boots while chugging cherry tart juice.

If you have any questions about nutrition or want to talk about your training, let's sit down and talk about how we can help you. You can book a nutrition consultation here.

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