How You Can Start a Fitness Routine

Simplify starting a fitness routine: we assess, design, and track your progress with all the equipment and support you need. Just start!
Cal Bauer
March 22, 2024
How You Can Start a Fitness Routine

If you Google "how to start a fitness routine" you'll get a slew of awesome resources that will have some great advice. The Mayo Clinic up in Minnesota, perhaps the most reputable source on health information (besides WebMD obviously...),  will have these five simple steps for you:

  1. Assess fitness level
  2. Design program
  3. Assemble equipment
  4. Start
  5. Monitor progress

Now I'm not going to disagree with the Mayo Clinic, they know their stuff. But those five steps are far from simple for the general public.

To start, most people don't know how to assess their fitness, and even fewer know how to design a program and monitor their progress. While you can start a program with minimal equipment or bodyweight, fitness equipment isn't cheap. Not only that, but as we found out after the shutdowns - just having a home gym doesn't make things easier.

To be fair, any fitness program is better than no fitness program. Even if it's as simple as going outside for a 10 min walk everyday. That's better than zero activity. If you increase the distance a little every day, you'll definitely see some progress!

But what the Mayo Clinic is recommending puts a lot of pressure on the individual to research, plan, purchase, and assess. Which can be extremely overwhelming, and some huge barriers to entry into fitness. We know this because a lot of our clients have come to us after having tried to start a program in their basement and either get overwhelmed, unmotivated, or quit altogether before coming in here.

I'd love to simplify the Mayo Clinic's recommendation for you: Just work on #4.

Just. Start.

We can help you start working out!

Here at GLCF, that's what we do every day. During the on-ramp program we'll assess your fitness level and give you the tools you'll need to reach your goals. Our program is designed to raise all levels of fitness. Our workout tracking platform aims to monitor your results for you so you can look back on your progress. We also have all the equipment you'll ever need. We can even help you with number 4. because we can motivate you, inspire you, and hold you accountable!

Think of it like going to a restaurant, being shown to your table, sitting down, and just having the meal you need laid out in front of you. (Don't think too much about the incongruence between eating a meal and working out; the metaphor breaks down at that point...)

What's not fun is trying to figure it out on your own, getting overwhelmed, and getting disappointed. Have you ever tried to fix your car, try to make a sourdough starter, or create a spreadsheet without the right knowledge or tools? It's pretty dang frustrating.

Our goal is to completely eliminate the frustrating part of a working program and give you the plan and tools to help you accomplish your fitness goals - any fitness goals. We'll tell you how you know you're making progress, and how to speed things up!

In short, the Mayo Clinic is absolutely correct: "Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health." You just don't have to go alone! Take this!

Book a No Sweat Intro with one of our coaches to talk about how we can help you start!

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